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    Book, pay and track your journey using the PickMeUp app.

To download the app, simply click on the App Store icon (for Apple devices) or Google Play icon (for Android).



The PickMeUp app is fully compatible with iOS 10 or later, and 5.0 Lollipop. It’s free, fast and easy to download, so just click and you’ll be ready to jump into your first PickMeUp in no time!



Set up your PickMeUp Business account

Do you sometimes ride with PickMeUp for work and sometimes for leisure? To help make keeping track of expenses as easy as possible, you can set up a Business profile alongside your Personal profile if you'd like.

To set up your Business account follow these steps:
1)  From the app menu, tap your name to open your account settings
2)  Find the “Add a business profile” button at the bottom of the page
3)  Add your work email, select or add a payment method and you're all set!

From then on, you can switch between your Business and Personal profiles anytime.