About PickMeUp

What is PickMeUp?

PickMeUp is an on-demand ride-sharing minibus service. It will pick you up from a ‘virtual bus stop’ within a short walkable distance of where you are. The intelligent software works out the best way to take you and our other passengers to your chosen destinations. Simply register your credit or debit card, or pay via PayPal and we’ll be with you in around 15 minutes. You can think of it like a car pool, only bigger - and you never have to drive yourself! It’s cheaper than a taxi and comes whenever you want it.

How does the service work?

You can book your PickMeUp seat quickly and easily… 1 - Download the app 2 - Simply register your credit or debit card, or pay via PayPal 3 - Request a pick up 4 - The app will confirm your booking, and give you the location of your ‘virtual bus stop’ a short walkable distance from you. 5 - In around 15 minutes*, your comfortable air-conditioned PickMeUp minibus will arrive and pick you up. 6 - PickMeUp’s intelligent software works out the best way to take you and our other passengers to your chosen destinations. We may pick up and/or drop off some other passengers on the way to your stop. This makes your journey very affordable and helps to save fuel and emissions in our City. *Expected average wait time is around 15 minutes.

How much does it cost?

Off-peak fares are £2.50 per journey for up to 3 miles. Peak fares are £3.00 (between 07:00-09:30hrs and 16:00-18:30hrs). A £1 additional fee applies to journeys between 3 and 4 miles, £2 for 4 - 5 miles, £3 for 5 - 6 miles, and so on. Additional passengers pay a fare of £2 (regardless of distance or time of day), with every 3rd passenger's fare being free. The mileage surcharge is added to the fare for all passengers on a booking. Journeys between 9pm and midnight on Saturdays incur an additional £1 charge. To promote using the most environmentally-friendly travel options available in our City and reduce congestion, an additional charge may apply if your PickMeUp journey is made where the Oxford Bus Company already run bus services that could carry you directly from your requested pick up point to your destination. The surcharge will usually be 100% of your regular peak or off-peak fare. The price will be clearly displayed to you, before you book.

What are the operating hours?

From Sunday 28 October 2018 onwards... Service starts at 06:00 hrs until 23:00 hrs daily Mon-Friday. Saturdays are 07:00 hrs until 24:00 hrs. Sundays are 09:00 – 21:00 hrs. Bank holidays operate to the Sunday service hours. Please check the app for the latest information.

Can I book a ride if I don’t have a smart phone?

The only way to book PickMeUp is via the app, however it is possible to book PickMeUp rides on behalf of friends or colleagues. If someone else books the ride for you using the app, PickMeUp will text you as the traveller to let you know that your friend has booked the ride for you. The text will let you know where you need to stand to be collected from your ‘virtual bus stop’ and will tell you when your minibus is due to arrive.

Can I book the service on behalf of someone else?

You can use the PickMeUp app to book rides on behalf of friends or colleagues. If you book the ride for someone else, PickMeUp will text the traveller to let them know that you have booked the ride for them. The text will let the traveller know where he/she needs to stand to be collected from their ‘virtual bus stop’ and will tell them when their minibus is due to arrive. You can also book rides for yourself and one or more other people travelling in the same direction. In this case one of you can do the booking for everyone and there is no need for each passenger to log into the app to make their own individual booking.

Where will I be able to pick the service up from?

Currently, PickMeUp covers Oxford’s ‘Eastern Arc’ as shown on the map. If you need to travel anywhere within this zone, we’ve got you covered!

What areas will the service operate in?

Currently, PickMeUp covers Oxford’s ‘Eastern Arc’ as shown on the map. If you need to travel anywhere within this zone, we’ve got you covered!

How many people will I share with?

The number of passengers you will share your journey with varies, depending on the demand of other passengers going in the same direction as you. PickMeUp minibuses can comfortably accommodate up to 20 people, with 17 seated and three standing (or 14 seated, three standing and one wheelchair).

What type of vehicles will I be picked up in?

When you book a ride, one of our fleet of brand new Mercedes City 45 Sprinters will collect you from your ‘virtual bus stop’. Each minibus offers you comfortable high head-rests, air conditioning, USB chargers, free WiFi and low-loading facilities so they are push-chair and wheel-chair friendly.

Who will be driving?

Here at the Oxford Bus Company, we prioritise the comfort and safety of our customers. When you book a PickMeUp journey, we connect you with a vehicle operated by a well-trained, courteous, and experienced driver. We value your feedback and love to hear from you. Please let us know about your experience after each PickMeUp journey – you’ll help us to make PickMeUp even better for all future customers.

Will this be putting other local buses out of service?

Here at the Oxford Bus Company, we provide lots of bus options to help passengers travel into the City Centre from all around Oxfordshire. While this very useful, some of our customers told us you also need to travel around the Ring Road or to other locations that could be reached more directly without having to change buses in the City. We’ve listened to your feedback and we’re launching PickMeUp. This service is designed to complement our existing bus services and we are pleased to say it has created further jobs for Oxfordshire. We have not removed any bus services as a result of launching this additional service for our customers.

Can the service be booked in advance?

You can book single journeys up 20 minutes in advance.

Will my journey be delayed if you are having to pick up other passengers along the route?

PickMeUp’s intelligent software works out the best way to take you and our other passengers to your chosen destinations. We are allowed to use bus lanes and will calculate the best routes for each journey based on real-time information to ensure that all passengers arrive as soon as possible. Unlike taxi journeys, you will never pay more for your PickMeUp journey even if the traffic means your journey takes a little longer, or we divert to a slightly longer route to save you time.

If I have a query how do I get hold of someone?

The quickest way to reach a PickMeUp assistant is to phone us. You can reach our team using any of the following: Website: www.pickmeup.oxfordbus.co.uk Twitter: @Oxford_PickMeUp Facebook: /oxford.pickmeup Email: info@oxfordbus.co.uk Tel: 01865785400 Address: PickMeUp, Cowley House, Watlington Road, Cowley, Oxford, OX4 6GA

If I see a minibus coming down the road could I flag it down or do I need to book using the app?

For the safety of our passengers our drivers will not stop for people who haven’t already booked their PickMeUp journey using the app.

What happens if the service is running late?

Sometimes there may be exceptional circumstances due to road closures, or peak-period traffic grid-lock for example. If the service is running late, we will keep you updated via the PickMeUp app and let you know when your minibus will be with you.

Will the vehicles service smaller roads within residential areas or stick to the roads used by the timetabled bus routes?

PickMeUp’s intelligent software works out the best way to take you and our other passengers to your chosen destinations via main roads and also smaller roads within residential areas where this is the best solution for our customers.

Is there luggage/shopping bag space on board?

PickMeUp minibuses are spacious 17 seaters, with low-loading facilities to ensure we are wheelchair and pushchair accessible. They can hold up to 20 people and there is plenty of room on board for shopping and luggage.

Is there a discount to concessionary pass holders?

Concessionary pass holders can travel free of charge on PickMeUp after 09:00 hrs weekdays and all day at weekends. Enter promo code “CONC” when booking your journey or, if travelling with your companion, please enter promo code “CONC+1”. To claim your discount, please remember to show your valid concessionary pass (and also your concessionary companion pass if travelling with a companion) to your driver before embarking.

Can I bring my push bike on board?

Folding bikes can be carried, in accordance with our conditions of carriage (www.oxfordbus.co.uk/conditions-of-carriage). However full size, non-foldable bikes are not permitted on the service.

Can I bring my dog on board?

We welcome and encourage assistance dogs on our buses and they are carried and welcome aboard at all times. We would ask you, though, to ensure you comply with any reasonable instruction given by the bus driver whilst you and your dog are on board. A maximum of two dogs at any time are normally allowed on any of our buses but this will be subject to the discretion of the driver. Similarly, if you wish to travel with two or more dogs, you will need permission from the driver. Other dogs (or a small animal) are welcome at the discretion of our drivers and, if they are permitted on board, they must be well behaved and of no danger or nuisance to other customers or our employees. Dogs can be dangerous so, where appropriate, they must travel in accordance with the Dangerous Dogs Act. We reserve the right to ask you to leave the vehicle with your animal at any time if the driver feels that the animal in question is a danger to the driver, the passengers or you. If we do ask you to leave, you must do so at the time and place stated by the driver. We will have no liability to you as a result of the driver asking you to leave the bus. Please remember that animals are not permitted to travel on seats (although they can sit on your lap) and, if the animal fouls, is sick or causes damage, loss or injury due to it travelling on the vehicle or being on our premises you will be held responsible and we may seek to claim costs as a result. Any animal which is permitted to travel on our bus is at your risk. We make no charge for the carriage of dogs and small animals although we do ask you respect the above rules at all times.

Do children under five travel for free?

If travelling with children under five years old, you don't need to buy them a ticket because they can travel for free with a fare-paying adult. As with all of our regular bus services, if you're travelling with several tots, in the unlikely event that the minibus is full, we may unfortunately not be able to fit your group on board. If this happens, we'll of course refund your ticket payment immediately, and you'd be welcome to book again and get picked up by the next available (hopefully less full!) minibus. Children aged five and over need to travel with a regular purchased ticket.

Getting started

Can I set up a business account?

Yes - If you sometimes ride with PickMeUp for business trips and sometimes for leisure trips, keeping track of your expenses is easier if you set up a Business Account. You can even pay with a different payment card if you wish to. To set up your Business account : [STEP 1] From the app menu, tap your name to open your account settings. [STEP 2] Find the “Add a business profile” button at the bottom of the page. [STEP 3] Add your work email, select or add a payment method and you're all set! From then on, you can switch between your Business and Personal profiles anytime.

What platform(s) is the PickMeUp app available on?

The PickMeUp app is available for both iPhone and Android. It's fully compatible for iOS 10 or later, and 5.0 Lollipop. It’s free, fast and easy to download, so just click and you’ll be ready to jump into your first PickMeUp in no time!

How do I set up my PickMeUp account?

You can set up your PickMeUp account quickly and easily… [Step 1] - Download the app: Click here to download PickMeUp for iPhone Click here to download PickMeUp for Android. [Step 2] - Select "sign me up" on the app home screen. [Step 3] - Give us a few details about yourself – Your name, email address and phone number so we can contact you. [Step 4] - Review and accept our terms and conditions. [Step 5] - Simply register your credit or debit card, or pay via PayPal. [Step 6] - You're all set and ready to book your first PickMeUp!

Why does PickMeUp need my credit card number?

When you sign up for PickMeUp, we ask you for your credit card or debit card details, or PayPal account information. Once you’ve provided your card/PayPal details, every time you take a PickMeUp journey or purchase PickMeUp Journey Credit, payment is fast and easy - we automatically charge the card you’ve set up on your account. This means you can travel without cash, hassle free if you want to. The best way to pay for your PickMeUp journeys is to buy Journey Credit in the app. Before you book, go to the Menu screen in your app, click "Journey Credit," and select how much you'd like to buy. For a limited period we will be offering £25 of ride credit for £20 meaning you get 10 trips for the price of 8! Every time you take a PickMeUp, we'll deduct the cost of your journey from your remaining credit. If you ever run low on credit, we will deduct any remaining credit and charge the card you’ve set up on your account directly for the remainder of your journey. We take the protection of your data seriously. To know more about how we use and store data please visit our privacy policy (https://www.oxfordbus.co.uk/privacy-statement/).

How do I book a journey?

1 - Ideally make sure you allow the app to access your current location. This way the map screen of the app will default to where you are. 2- Use the location button, or move the purple map pin to your desired location and hit "set pickup." You can also manually type your desired pick up address in the search bar - where you can also save favourites and view your recent pick up locations. 3 - If you want to take any friends with you, use the + and - buttons to set the number of passengers. 4 - Type in, or move the orange map pin to set your desired dropoff location and hit "set dropoff." Again you can select your recent, or favourite drop off points here to make this easier once you are up and running! 5 - Review the journey offer (price and timing) in the proposal screen, and if it looks good, press "Book This Journey." 6 - The app will direct you to walk to a nearby "virtual bus stop" and will show you on the map where the vehicle that will be picking you up is. You will also see the vehicle registration details. That's it! You're all set to travel. When you're on the move, the map screen on the app will track your vehicle and give you a predicted ETA which will update as you travel. When you've finished your ride, don't forget to rate your trip!

Where will I be collected from?

When you’ve booked your journey, the PickMeUp app will display the pick-up location where the minibus will meet you, at your ‘virtual bus stop’. To make the service as economical to run as possible so that we can pass on the savings to our passengers, your actual pick-up spot may be a short walkable distance from exactly where you asked to get picked up. Your ‘virtual bus stop’ will usually be a nearby street corner. Sometimes, the app will give you the address or business name at your ‘virtual bus stop’ to help you find it. The exact pick up location will always be displayed in the app. You can use the app to track the progress of your PickMeUp driver. Zoom out from your pick-up spot or click the small white vehicle icon in the bottom right, and you’ll be able to follow the vehicle on the map as it approaches. Make sure you’re at your ‘virtual bus stop’ and ready to be picked up when your driver arrives! The app will count down the minutes to your vehicle’s arrival, and we’ll send you a text when the vehicle is two minutes away and again when it arrives. If you need assistance, you can reply to the text and our Live Support team will help you. You can also call your driver directly by using the small phone icon once the driver has arrived. Important! If you’re more than 60 seconds late, your PickMeUp driver will unfortunately have to leave. It wouldn’t be fair to our other passengers to keep them waiting and to delay their journeys as a result of having to wait for one late passenger. Your virtual bus stop will usually be located on a main road, away from any major junction. The bus will not travel down roads which are not considered wide enough for a minibus to safely travel, or where this would cause an obstruction, or result in unreasonable delays for other travellers.

Common Issues

I left something on the minibus! What should I do?

If you think you've left something on one of our vehicles then call us, as soon as possible, on 01865 785400. We’ll do our best to track it down for you. If we have your item then collection can be arranged from our Head Office in Cowley. Please note that we charge a £1 administration fee for the return of lost goods.

I had an issue with my journey. How can I let you know?

We’re really sorry to hear that your journey didn’t go as well as it should have. Please tell us what went wrong so that we can look into this, using any of the following contact methods: Website: www.pickmeup.oxfordbus.co.uk Twitter: @Oxford_PickMeUp Facebook: /oxford.pickmeup Email: info@oxfordbus.co.uk Tel: 01865785400 Address: PickMeUp, Cowley House, Watlington Road, Cowley, Oxford, OX4 6GA

My driver was great! Can you pass on my thanks?

We’re delighted to hear good things about our drivers. We’re proud of our team and always like to know when someone has provided you with exceptional customer service. You can rate your journey in the app using a star rating system. Alternatively, please let us know about your experience by contacting us using any of the following: Website: www.pickmeup.oxfordbus.co.uk Twitter: @Oxford_PickMeUp Facebook: /oxford.pickmeup Email: info@oxfordbus.co.uk Tel: 01865785400 Address: PickMeUp, Cowley House, Watlington Road, Cowley, Oxford, OX4 6GA