• Fare Changes

    From Sunday 9th June, some of your PickMeUp fares will be changing.

PickMeUp Fares:

  • Off-peak fares remain at £2.50 per journey, anywhere in the Travel Zone.
  • Peak fares increase from £2.50 to £3.00 (peak time is 07:00-09:30hrs and 16:00-18:30hrs, Monday to Friday).
  • A 50p surcharge applies to off-peak journeys to and from the City Centre (click here to see a map).
  • Plus-one fares are reduced to £2.00.
  • Journeys between 9pm and midnight on Saturdays incur an additional £1 charge.
  • To promote using the most environmentally-friendly travel options available in our City and reduce congestion, an additional charge may apply if your PickMeUp journey is made where the Oxford Bus Company already run bus services that could carry you directly from your requested pick up point to your destination. The surcharge will usually be 100% of your regular on-or-off-peak fare (so usually an additional £2.50 or £3 depending on the time you travel).