• We love reusables!

    Single-use plastics aren't showing our planet any love! Here's how PickMeUp can help!

The Environmental Audit Committee report that we use 7.7 billion plastic water bottles every year in the UK. That's a lot of plastic ending up in our countryside, rivers and waterways, wildlife and food chain!  This statistic means that the average person uses 150 plastic water bottles per year - but it's easy to find a better way.

You can bring any water container to your Gloucester Green Travel Shop and fill up with fresh filtered water for free.

Pick Me Up!

Don't have a water bottle?  No problem!  You can buy a PickMeUp aluminum water bottle from our Gloucester Green Travel Shop team for just £4. Find us here: 89 Gloucester Street, Oxford, OX1 2BU

Help to save our planet one water bottle at a time! Be part of the #RefillRevolution taking place in Oxford! Download the app and join in to help reduce plastic pollution in our City. The app tells you all of the (many!) places where you can refill your water bottle for free... so you can show the planet some love and you need never buy a single-use plastic bottle of water again!